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ULITA – an Archive of International Textiles



St Wilfred’s Chapel entrance

ULITA – an Archive of International Textiles (formerly the University of Leeds International Textiles Archive) is housed in St Wilfred’s Chapel on the Western Campus of the University of Leeds.

The purpose of the archive is to collect, preserve and document textiles and related items from many of the textile producing areas of the world for the benefit of scholars, researchers and the general public.

ULITA is primarily a textiles archive, where items can be consulted by individuals and small groups by making an appointment.  An online catalogue can be viewed (currently campus only) to see the major collections.

We are going through a period of change at present.  There is no display in the chapel, but appointments can still be made on certain days to consult items.

Several of the constituent collections were assembled and used as teaching resources in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries by Professors John and Roberts Beaumont, as well as Professor Aldred Barker, all key innovators in the development of textile education. These collections were supplemented by large quantities of material collected by the Director, Professor Michael Hann, in the 1980s and 1990s.

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