International Textile Collection

A Catalogue of World Textiles

Sewing_handsCelebrating the culmination of a major documentation and conservation project

Fine embroidery from India and the Mediterranean; delicate Japanese stencils; rare Egyptian costume; bold Pakistani prints; sumptuous Kashmiri shawls; fascinating pattern books, zebra and armadillo fibres, and how to make fibreglass curtains!

With generous funding from the Clothworkers’ Company, staff at ULITA have, since 2008, undertaken the task of documenting and conserving seven major international collections. This has culminated in a database of over three thousand records, many of which are now available to view online.

To celebrate the conclusion of the project, this exhibition will present highlights from the collections alongside details of how the work was undertaken, including the discovery of historical documentation, the stories behind the donors, the work of volunteers, and detailed analysis by a textiles conservator. The narrative will conclude with a flavour of collections yet to be catalogued.

The Clothworkers’ Documentation and Conservation Project at ULITA 2008-2010 is available to view.

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