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A History of the World: The Qing Dragon Robe

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ULITA is pleased to be involved with this BBC / British Museum project A History of the World.

This highly embroidered silk dragon robe was made according to the imperial clothing regulations of the Qing dynasty, where civilian and military officials were required to wear cloth rank badges to denote their social class. This robe is part of a collection of Chinese textiles given to the University of Leeds in the 1930s by Professor Aldred Farrer Barker, the then recently retired Professor of Textile Industries. Barker’s profession allowed him to travel widely, being invited to report on textiles production and manufacture in Australia, Peru, Canada, Japan and China, where he advised on the development of textiles education in Shanghai. He was also a supporter of the Clothworkers’ Museum which was created in the department in the 1890s.

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