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Form, Shape and Space

ForthcomingexhibAn Exhibition of Tilings and Polyhedra
by Briony Thomas

‘Form, Shape and Space – An Exhibition of Tilings and Polyhedra’ is the outcome of research undertaken in the School of Design at the University of Leeds. The project is of great potential significance to the decorative arts and design, and explores a range of geometric concepts of importance to both two- and three-dimensional design. Laser cutting, routing and rapid prototyping equipment have been used in the production of exhibits in etched and constructed form in two- and three-dimensions using resistant materials. The project is concerned with concepts of relevance to pattern, geometric structure, form, shape and proportion, and is truly interdisciplinary in nature. Throughout the twentieth century the University of Leeds played a pivotal role in the analysis and interpretation of patterns – the three-dimensional patterns that are the basis of crystal structures and the two-dimensional patterns that are the basis of tessellations. The Leeds tradition has continued, most recently with the development of theoretical concepts relating to the application of pattern to three-dimensional forms – an attractive mathematical problem with great artistic potential. Patterns and proportional relationships create a visual language expressing order and generating appealing, fascinating compositions. The application of regularly repeating patterns to the surface of mathematical solids is potentially of considerable value to the design of highly functional and aesthetically novel constructions offering great innovative potential in design, the decorative arts and architecture. ‘Form, Shape and Space’ is the showcase for a substantial collection of tilings and three-dimensional structures created through the exploitation and development of the understanding of geometric concepts.

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