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Sadler and the Shawls

Shawl DetailAn exhibition of the Kashmir Shawl Collection, and its association with Sir Michael Sadler

The origins, fashion, construction and designs of the Kashmir Shawl, and the origins of how a collection of over thirty shawls and hundreds of fragments came to be held in the ULITA!

Both themes will be explored in ULITA’s exhibition of its Collection of Kashmir and Paisley shawls, many of which were donated soon after the 1st World War by then Vice-Chancellor, Sir Michael Sadler on his return from carrying out educational research in India.

This exhibition is part of the centenary celebrations of Sir Michael Sadler’s Vice-Chancellorship (1911-1923) at the University of Leeds. Sir Michael Sadler was known in Leeds and beyond as a champion of the arts. His fine art bequests formed the origins of the Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery in the University.

From the 17th January to 14th April 2012 the Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery will exhibit commissioned works by the Artist Pip Dickens, based on the shawl collection at ULITA.

The exhibition panel text is available to view.

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