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Lecture theatre c.1904

Championed by Mr Obadiah Nussey, an eminent textile merchant, and funded by the Worshipful Company of Clothworkers’, the Department of Textile Industries and Dyeing building of the Yorkshire College was designed by Alfred Waterhouse, opening in December 1880. Further stages of building followed until 1928, including the addition of the new Department of Colour Chemistry and Dyeing. Art Classes were included from 1887 to 1921.

The buildings are now home to the School of Design and Department of Colour Science.  The departments included lecture rooms, workshops and weaving sheds, laboratories, drawing studios and a museum:

The Department was first headed by father and son John and Roberts Beaumont, the first Professors, who had expert knowledge of the technology associated with the woollen and worsted trades, and also advocated the study of contemporary design. The Beaumonts also originated the collection of early glass photographic plates for teaching, and, in 1892, the establishment of a teaching museum.

Textiles staff and students, 1884-5

This collection is now part of the University Archive.  It consists of a manuscript and photographic archive of the Department of Textile Industries, ranging from the 1880s until the 1970s (post 1970 records may be found in the University Archive collection), including volumes of group and interior photographs. Some items may relate to the Department of Colour Chemistry and Dyeing.

The collection consists of over 200 items or groups of items.

Some items are available to search on the Special Collections catalogue, where they are preceded by LUA/DEP/007/

Related to this collection, there is a large listed but uncatalogued collection of early glass photographic plates produced for teaching in the Department, originated by the Professors Beaumont and Barker. Facsimile copies of the three slide indexes have been produced, which include descriptions and photographic prints of the plates.





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