International Textile Collection

Dyeing and Finishing

Dyeing samples

Several items have been donated by the Departments of Chemistry and Colour Science.

This has included a collection of sample boards with annotated mounted textiles from the 1920s and 1930s thought to have been displayed in the department. The samples are of both natural and synthetic textiles, and in many cases illustrate techniques of dyeing and finishing. The collection includes samples from Courtaulds Ltd., Sundour, Edinburgh Weavers, Lancashire Fabrics and T.Cross & Co. Examples cover silk, linen, wool, jute, fur, rubberproofing, artificial silks, satins, damasks, tapestries, towelling, gaberdines, cambrics, velours, georgette, poplin, crepes, alizarin and indigo prints, and handweaving. Fabrics for purpose include tennis ball covers, billiard cloth, bed linen, shirting, lingerie, blanketing, army cloth, bookcloth and bunting.

There are also 15 mounts of photomicrographs from the same period showing lengths and cross-sections of natural and synthetic fibres.

In addition to the boards are a collection of early 20th century dyeing sample books and yarn sample cards, many from Germany.  There are also several manuscripts, including research on natural plant dyeing, and experiments in early photographic printing on fabric.



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