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velvet fragment

Over 300 small pieces of furnishing and dress fabrics first thought to have been acquired for the original Textile Museum by Professor Roberts Beaumont and his colleagues during visits to the Continent in the early 20th century, possibly with the intention of fixing them into sample books for student use.

It is also possible these were gifted to the Museum by Professor Nuttall of Cambridge, via the Victoria and Albert Museum – described as 376 antique fabrics dating from AD 1500 – 1800 including woven tissues from Italy and France, embroideries and lace (Yorkshire Observer January 1933).

Many are 19th century figured velvets, damasks and French jacquard woven silks. There are also a number of Italian braids, appliqués and fragments of embroideries, some dating from the 16th-17th century.

Many further pieces are not yet documented or digitised.

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