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The Ars Textrina Archive is an online compilation of the Journals from 1983 to 1988.  For all other volumes please request via Leeds University Library or the British Library.

You may download any article for your personal use, but not produce multiple copies for any purpose.

Printing the Ars Textrina Journals

The Ars Textrina journals are in standard pdf format and you are welcome to print them. However, due to their compressed format,Adobe Reader fails to print these articles correctly. We strongly recommend downloading an alternative and free pdf reader (Foxit Reader). During installation you may set this as your default pdf reader from where you will be able to print without difficulty.

Ars Textrina 1983-1988

Volume 3, May 1985 (unavailable)

Paper copy available in Leeds University Library

Volume 4, December 1985

The Art of Weaving / Published: December 1985
Title and Editors [PDF] / Contents [PDF]


  • ‘A Few Observations on Remains’ by R.G. Stanton [PDF]
  • ‘The Kago – Uchi’ by Noemi Speiser [PDF]
  • ‘Shifu : A Handwoven Paper Textile of Japan’ by Imogen Stewart [PDF]
  • ‘English Textiles Referred to by Celia Fiennes’ by Imogen Stewart [PDF]
  • ‘An Introduction to Two Textilatelists’ by J. L. Allston and J. A. Hoskins [PDF]
  • ‘From Fibre to Haute Coutoure on World Postage Stamps’ by J. M. Cysarz [PDF]
  • ‘Colour, Texture, Ornament, Line: A Question for Managers Do you know how your Designers think?’ by Jack Willock [PDF]
  • ‘The Development of Weaving Using Automatic Looms’ by P. Pourdeyhimi, K. C. Jackson and K. Hepworth [PDF]

Volume 5, June 1986

The Art of Weaving / Published: June 1986
Title and Editors [PDF] / Contents [PDF]


  • ‘Braiding Triaxial Weaves: Enhancements and Design for Artworks’ by David R. Mooney [PDF]
  • ‘Design of Interactive Systems for Real-Time Dobby Control’ by W. D. Hoskins and J. A. Hoskins [PDF]
  • ‘Cardiac Algorithms or The Heart’s Way of Inferring Meaning from Pattern’ by Elizabeth Courtney [PDF]
  • ‘China and the Complexities of Weaving Technologies’ by John E. Vollmer [PDF]
  • ‘Gang: Technical and Conceptual Applications to Loom Controlled Weave Structures’ by Naomi Whiting Towner [PDF]
  • ‘Cuna Cachi: A Study of Hammock Weaving Among the Cuna Indians of the San Bias Islands’ by Anne M. Lambert [PDF]
  • ‘Kumejima Dorozome: The Vegetable Dye and Mud Mordanting Process of Silk Tsugumi’ by Dorothy Miller [PDF]
  • ‘Automatic Analysis of Coloured Images’ by J. A. Hoskins [PDF]
  • ‘Roses and Snowballs: The Development of Block Patterns in the German Linen-Weaving Tradition’ by Patricia Hilts [PDF]

Volume 6, December 1986

The Art of Weaving / Published: December 1986
Title and Editors [PDF] / Contents [PDF]


  • ‘You Are Now Weaving Oakland’ by Sheila O’Hara [PDF]
  • ‘Weaving, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic’ by Blair Tate [PDF]
  • ‘Phulkari’ by Carol D. Westfall and Dipti Desai [PDF]
  • ‘A Note on the Diffusion of the Automatic Loom Within the British Cotton Industry’ by B. Pourdeyhimi and K. C. Jackson [PDF]
  • ‘Caribou Hair and the Creation of a New Fabric’ by Robin Goodfellow [PDF]
  • ‘Concerns and Influences in My Work’ by Jane Kidd [PDF]
  • ‘Weaver of Images’ by Sandra Brownlee-Ramsdale [PDF]
  • ‘Structure and Form in the Weaving of John Becker’ by Suzanne Swannie [PDF]
  • ‘A Perspective on Embroidery: In Answer to Emery’ by Dot From [PDF]
  • ‘The Tapestries of Coptic Egypt’ by Nancy Arthur Hoskins [PDF]

Volume 7, June 1987

The Art of Weaving / Published: June 1987
Title and Editors [PDF] / Contents [PDF]


  • ‘Artifacts Don’t “Lie”‘ by Clarita Anderson [PDF]
  • ‘Ligetuhr Arbeit: A Seventeenth-century Compound Mounting and a Family of Associated Weaves’ by Patricia Hilts [PDF]
  • ‘Technical Progress and the Evolution of Wage Arrangements in the British Cotton Weaving Industry’ by K. C. Jackson and B. Pourdeyhimi [PDF]
  • ‘The Canada Council Art Bank’ by William Kirby [PDF]
  • ‘Miyako Jofu’ by Dorothy Miller [PDF]
  • ‘From Image to Woven Structure: A Video-computer System for Textile Designers’ by Lisa Lee Peterson [PDF]
  • ‘Kantha’ by Carol D. Westfall and Dipti Desai [PDF]
  • ‘The Work of L.H.C. Tippett’ by R.G. Stanton [PDF]

Volume 8, December 1987

The Art of Weaving / Published: December 1987
Title and Editors [PDF] / Contents [PDF]


  • ‘Current Trends in Textiles Conservation and Preservation’ by Ira Block [PDF]
  • ‘Bandhani (Tie Dye)’ by Carol D. Westfall and Dipti Desai [PDF]
  • ‘Gujarati Embroidery’ by Carol D. Westfall and Dipti Desai [PDF]
  • ‘Ultraviolet Absorbers: A Treatment to Reduce Fading and Degradation of Textiles’ by Patricia Cox Crews and Barbara M. Reagan [PDF]
  • ‘On Mathematics and Treasures’ by R.G. Stanton [PDF]
  • ‘Nineteenth Century License Agreements for Fancy Weaving Machines’ by Clarita Anderson and Steven M. Spivak [PDF]
  • ‘Textile Remains from a Late Temple in Egyptian Nubia’ by Nettie K. Adams [PDF]
  • ‘A Prehistoric Twined Bag from Big Bone Cave, Tennessee:Manufacture, Repair, and Use’ by Jenna Tedrick Kuttruff [PDF]
  • ‘Mathematical Design Concepts Relative to Aesthetic Concerns’ by J. Michaels – Paque [PDF]
  • ‘Design Concepts and Aesthetic Concerns of Corporate Art Collections’ by Karen Jenson Rutherford [PDF]

Volume 9, July 1988

The Art of Weaving / Published: July 1988
Title and Editors [PDF] / Contents [PDF]


  • ‘Attribute Characterization Schemes for Ancient Textiles’ by Cherilyn N. Nelson and Robert F. Johnson [PDF]
  • ‘Transposed Twills: A Programming Approach’ by B. Pourdeyhimi [PDF]
  • ‘Slovak Folk Art: Indigo Blue Printing’ by Sigrid Piroch [PDF]
  • ‘Finding the Thread: Restoration of a Professional Weaver’s Loom’ by Rabbit Goody [PDF]
  • ‘Early Compound Weave Structures In Theory and Practice’ by M.M. El-Homossani [PDF]
  • ‘The Composite Nature of the Embroideries From Paracas Necropolis’ by Carol Shinn [PDF]
  • ‘From Clan to Punk: Imputed Meanings’ by Richard Martin [PDF]

Volume 10, December 1988

The Art of Weaving / Published: December 1988
Title and Editors [PDF] / Contents [PDF]


  • ‘”Figured and Fancy” Coverlets in the United States’ by Clarita Anderson [PDF]
  • ‘Printed Textiles: Artist Craftswomen 1919-1939’ by Hazel Clark [PDF]
  • ‘A Composite of Indian Textiles: Tradition and Technology’ by Janet Else [PDF]
  • ‘Electric Jacquards: The First Hundred Years’ by K. Hepworth [PDF]
  • ‘Local Disadvantages and the Weaver’s Wage in the British Cotton Industry’ by K.C. Jackson [PDF]
  • ‘Lloyd Bros. Ltd.: Custom Tailors’ by Alexandra Palmer [PDF]
  • ‘Patterned Gauzes of the Early Western Han Dynasty:Technical Analysis and Reconstruction’ by Lisa Lee Peterson [PDF]
  • ‘Slovak Folk Art: Indigo Blue Printing (addendum)’ by Sigrid Piroch [PDF]
  • ‘The Paluan Women’s Skirt, The Cheriut Skirt’ by Eliisa Salmi-Saslaw [PDF]

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