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Ars Textrina 2013, Bangkok, Thailand

The 2013 International Textiles and Costume Congress was hosted by Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand on 28-29 October.

The theme was ‘Fashion, Design, and Colour Technology – An International Congress for Researchers and Practitioners’.

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Ars Textrina 2011, Indonesia

The 2011 International Textiles and Costume Conference was hosted by the Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia, on 24th – 26th October 2011. ITB is partnered by Ars Textrina and Costume Culture Association (CCA) Korea.

The theme was ‘Heritage Textiles and Costume’.

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Ars Textrina 2009, Leeds, Britain

The 2009 Ars Textrina International Textiles Conference was hosted by the University of Leeds and ULITA.

This years theme was ‘Natural Fibres – A World Heritage’, in celebration of The International Year of Natural Fibres.

‘Natural Fibres – A World Heritage’
Abstracts, edited by J. Winder & M. A. Hann

Ars Textrina 2007, Belfast, Northern Ireland

The 2007 Ars Textrina International Textiles Conference was hosted by The University of Ulster.

This year’s theme was ‘Textile Territories: Past, Present & Future’.

Textiles are embedded in a region’s culture and economy in an integrated way that is not replicated in other disciplines. This conference aims to address regional and location specific textile design, production, manufacture and its associated technology in a cultural context by looking at the past, present and future roles of textiles and its heritage. The conference provided an inter-disciplinary forum for textile and fashion practitioners, museum professionals with interests relating to textiles and their collection, exhibition and documentation, teachers and academic researchers, and those with an interest in the socio-cultural aspects of historic, contemporary and future textiles.

‘Textile Territories: Past, Present and Future’
Abstracts, edited by K. Wells & J. Winder

Ars Textrina 2006, Seoul, Korea

The 2006 Ars Textrina International Textiles Conference was jointly organised by ULITA and the Costume Culture Association (CCA) of Korea. The three-day conference was hosted by Ewa Women’s University. The opening address was given by Professor Hann (Director of ULITA) and Professor Kim (President of the CCA) to a participating audience of around two hundred. Five papers were delivered by academic staff from the University of Leeds School of Design. Three parallel sessions allowed for papers from textile and fashion designers, academics from a wide range of disciplines with expertise in textiles or clothing, textile and dye technologists and scientists, museums’ personnel, textile historians and archaeologists, and social scientists with interests relating to textiles or costume.
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Ars Textrina 2005, Leeds, Britain

The 2005 Ars Textrina International Textiles Conference was hosted by the University of Leeds and ULITA.

This year’s theme was ‘Form, Materials and Performance’

‘Form, Materials and Performance’
Selected papers, edited by B.G.Thomas


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