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‘Dragons, Unicorns And Phoenixes: Origin and continuity of technique and motif’ by M.A.Hann
Hard copies are now unavailable


‘Patterns of Culture I: Techniques of decoration and coloration’ by M.A.Hann      Hard copies are now unavailable





‘Patterns of Culture II: Decorative weaving techniques’ by M.A.Hann and B.G.Thomas.                         Hardcopy price: £5.00 (contact ULITA)


‘Symmetry in two and three dimensions’ by B.G.Thomas and M.A.Hann
Hard copies are now unavailable


‘Patterns of Culture: The Textiles of Bali and Nusa Tenggara’ by H.Coleman. Hardcopy price: £5.00 (contact ULITA)


‘Patterns of Culture: Tibor Reich: A Life of colour and weave’ by K.Powers and M.A.Hann (with a contribution by J.A.Cousens) Hardcopy price: £5.00 (contact ULITA)

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